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How Do UV Light Air Purifiers Work in Yorktown, VA?

January 21, 2023

Ultraviolet (UV) light can destroy the internal cells and DNA in air pollutants like microbial and bacteria. UV-C, the most harmful of the three UV light types, is what manufacturers commonly use in many air purification systems. Keep reading to learn more about UV light air purifiers and how they can improve your indoor air quality in Yorktown, VA.

Destroy Microbial

UV-C light is a natural product of the sun, created and harnessed artificially in air purifiers. These lights are effective at destroying living airborne contaminants like microbial, which can be particularly dangerous because it reproduces in the air.

The more the microbial replicates, the further the problem spreads in your home. UV light air purifiers target the DNA, making it unable to reproduce. It’s important to note that these systems can only target airborne microbial and not that found in your walls or under your carpets.

Eliminate Bacteria

In addition to neutralizing microbial, UV lights can also reduce the number of bacteria in your home. Prolonged exposure to UV-C rays sterilizes viruses and bacteria that would otherwise impact your family’s health. These lights are especially helpful in protecting households with children or immunocompromised family members.

Easy to Install

Consider having one of our service technicians install UV light air purifiers in your HVAC system today. After your air filter removes as many contaminants as possible, the UV light sanitizes the rest of your breathing air. This stops particulates from spreading and boosts your indoor air quality.

UV lights can also improve airflow by eliminating excess moisture and destroying particulates before they accumulate. They even shield your HVAC system from harmful contaminants and lower your chances of repairs.

UV light air purifiers destroy bacteria, viruses and organisms like microbial before they can replicate. Call Fair Mechanical today for a full range of exceptional indoor air quality solutions in Yorktown, VA.

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