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Do I Need to Fix My Furnace in Portsmouth, VA?

Professional Trying to Fix Furnace

It could be nerve-wracking when you know something isn’t right with your furnace. That’s especially true when the fall weather is already starting to turn chilly and you want to stay toasty and warm. Don’t wait for the problem to worsen and become more costly to fix. The following are common signs that you need to hire a professional to fix your furnace in Portsmouth, VA:

Jump In Energy Consumption

When furnaces experience problems, they’ll typically become less efficient. While the furnace is running abnormally, it’s also putting a strain on its components. You’ll likely notice a boost in energy consumption along with an increase in your utility bills.

Short-Cycling Furnace

Every furnace cycle lasts approximately 15 minutes and occurs a few times per hour. When a furnace’s components aren’t working properly, it may cause the system to short cycle, meaning it won’t go the typical cycle length before it rapidly shuts off.

Strange Noises

Your furnace shouldn’t produce much noise aside from the whir of its fan. Noises that should draw attention include pops, bangs, squeaks, screeches and rattles. These can indicate anything from broken parts to a cracked heat exchanger.

Unusual Odors

When running properly, your furnace shouldn’t produce a discernible odor. If there’s a burning smell or any other abnormal odor, immediately call an HVAC service technician. They’ll need to determine what’s causing the odor and may even conduct a furnace maintenance check while they’re already present.

Uneven Heating

The heat from your furnace circulates when there’s the proper airflow. However, many problems can inhibit that flow, leaving some areas cooler than others. An HVAC service technician will need to come in to check if it’s a clogged air filter or another issue.

Scheduling a furnace repair isn’t something you want to put off. Call Fair Mechanical to make a furnace repair appointment today. Our team can fix your furnace properly, ensuring it operates effectively for the rest of fall and into winter.

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