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4 Signs of an Inefficient Furnace in Virginia Beach, VA

Inefficient Furnace Makes Person Cold

A reliable furnace is one of your best friends when the weather turns cold in Virginia Beach, VA. Unfortunately, furnaces run into issues over time and stop working as efficiently as possible, which leads to an uncomfortable home. Here are four signs you have an inefficient furnace:

Frequent Cycling

If you notice your heating system turning on and off more frequently than usual, it may not be running at peak performance. When your furnace is unable to heat your home to the desired temperature, it has to run constantly to try and catch up. This leads to increased energy bills, which is another telltale sign you have an inefficient heating system.

Uneven Heating

Uneven heating is another common symptom of an inefficient furnace. If you notice specific rooms in your home are consistently colder than others, your heating system may be struggling to distribute heat evenly. Check to make sure all of your vents are open and clear of obstructions before further diagnosing the issue.

Increased Dust and Dry Air

An increase in dust and dry air around your home is a classic sign associated with an inefficient heating system. A furnace not operating properly will have trouble filtering the air or adding the necessary moisture to heat the air to your desired temperature.

Takes Longer to Heat Home

You should have an idea as to how long it takes your furnace to heat your home to your normal temperature setting. Anytime you notice it’s taking longer than usual to heat your home, you should take note as this is a sign you have an inefficient furnace. You should check the air filters for clogs and the base of your system for any noticeable damage before calling an HVAC professional to inspect your heater.

Frequent short cycling, higher energy bills, uneven heating and an increased length of time to heat your home are all signs that your furnace is running inefficiently. Contact us at Fair Mechanical today for furnace maintenance and repair services if you’re dealing with efficiency issues.

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