Must Replace Heat Pump

3 Signs You Should Replace Your Heat Pump Sooner Than Later

February 21, 2022

Heat pumps provide long-term dependability and convenience for many Chesapeake, VA, homes. Even though a well-maintained unit may provide approximately 15 years of continuous operation, it’ll ultimately need replacing. Here are three indicators that suggest you should replace your heat pump soon:

Frequent Repairs

All mechanical systems require repair at some point, but a heating system that fails more than twice annually may be exhibiting signs of an issue that will escalate to a breakdown. One of our HVAC professionals may be unable to fix it if it’s a total breakdown. If repair expenses approach or surpass half the price of a new heating system, it’s best to upgrade.

Problems With Indoor Air Quality

In winter, does your home’s indoor air feel stuffy? Do members of your home experience headaches or sneeze a lot? Are they having more severe allergy reactions than usual?

When heat pumps reach the end of their useful life, they no longer effectively circulate air throughout the house. Installing a new heating system improves the comfort of your home. It also may provide relief to respiratory systems in a few hours.

Strange Sounds and Smells

While working, your heating system may generate a very tiny amount of sound, but it should never create any loud noises. If you hear screeching, banging or rattling from your heat pump, it’s most likely due to a damaged or loose item that needs fixing or replacing. In addition, if you notice any weird odors emanating from your heat pump, contact one of our HVAC professionals to have your heating system inspected.

If you’re having any of these heat pump issues, don’t wait for your heating system to break down and leave you miserable when the weather turns cold. Call us at Fair Mechanical. We’ll provide you with skilled HVAC services in Chesapeake, VA.

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