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Why is My Air Conditioner Making Strange Sounds?

June 19, 2020

A well-maintained, properly functioning air conditioning system in Virginia Beach, VA, should only make slight sounds. You’ll hear a click when your home’s air conditioner turns on. During the cycle, you’ll hear the humming or whirring of its fan and the whooshing of cool air blowing through the vents. If you hear loud noises, your AC system could have a problem. Here are some causes of why your home’s air conditioner is making strange sounds:

Loose Parts

A squealing sound during a cooling cycle often results from a loose belt. Belts loosen as they age. The rubber becomes less elastic and stretches over time. If you have an air conditioning system that’s only a few years old, worn motor bearings could cause loud squealing sounds.

Off-balance Unit

The outdoor condenser unit is usually mounted on a solid platform or slab of concrete. It rests on isolation feet made of rubber. After years of exposure to the elements, rubber degrades, causing the unit to become unbalanced. Damaged isolation feet allow the unit to wiggle, jiggle and rock during every cooling cycle. You’ll hear buzzing or banging sounds if the isolation feet are damaged. Buzzing sounds could also come from a damaged compressor, refrigerant leak or an electrical problem.

Broken or Damaged Parts

Clanking and banging sounds during a cooling cycle often result from broken parts. A bent fan blade or cracked crankshaft or piston causes metal to hit metal. You’ll notice these loud sounds. Broken parts require prompt replacement before they damage other components. Loose screws or bolts could also cause rattling or clanking sounds.

An air conditioner is normally quiet, and you’ll barely hear it during a cooling cycle. When it suddenly starts making loud or unusual sounds, this indicates one of many possible electrical or mechanical problems. To learn more about unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner or to schedule AC repair service in Virginia Beach, contact Fair Mechanical today.

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